Patient-Controlled Exchange of Health Information

Sign the petition asking Congress to put you in control of exchanging your sensitive health data via Health Data Exchanges (HIEs)!

By the end of the year, every state must have one or more Health Information Exchange (HIEs) so your health data can be transferred to other doctors, the state, the federal government, insurers, technology companies, researchers, commercial users, and many other institutions.

Today those institutions and organizations decide when and to whom to transfer your health data---not you.


• You should control whether or not your health information is exchanged.

• You should have full access to electronic copies of all your health information.

• You should know what information the HIE exchanges, stores or collects, with whom your data is shared, and the purpose for using it.

Sign the petition asking Congress to strengthen the law so Americans can trust electronic health systems and data exchanges.

By signing this petition you are allowing Patient Privacy Rights to submit your full name, email, and zip code to the lawmakers creating the rules surrounding Health Information Exchanges. We will not share any of your personal information on our website or publically in any other fashion.